This is the 21st century. Some printers are just figuring that out. We were waiting for it to arrive. We had computers back in the 1970s before they became personal. We have even developed our own software applications to come up with custom solutions for our clients. We're not dependent on another company for everything.

Our customers demand the best from us, and that is what we provide. They realize that we are not just another vendor, but rather a part of their team. In an era of stretched budgets and tighter deadlines, we work with our clients in a way that makes us look good by making them look good. That's why we can point to long-term clients who have been with Copy General for three decades.

Our History

Copy General, with locations in downtown Washington and suburban Virginia, is a leader in bringing the latest technology to the reprographics industry. Now well into its fourth decade, Copy General operates one of the premier, high-tech digital printing facilities anywhere. It was amongst the first companies to eschew printing presses and adopt a totally digital approach. But this was to be expected from a company whose founders came from a computer background and a dedication to service that remains uncompromised.

It started back in 1979 when two business associates—one a recent MBA and the other an attorney—realized that the Washington-area market was ready for a copy service that would provide superior quality and service with a previously unheard of level of professionalism. They were right.

In 1991, Copy General joined in a venture to open copy centers in Central Europe. Now there are about 50 locations outside of the U.S. You'll find Copy General retail centers in Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland and Russia. We also operate production centers and manage facilities at customer locations. See the related links for details of this truly international network of copy centers.

Of course, all Copy General digital stores offer a full range of copying, printing and finishing services, but that's normal. What really sets Copy General apart is its attention to detail, production organization and a startling ability to remain focused on the needs of the customer.

Attention to detail means reviewing a job before it goes into production, making sure we have everything and that any answers needed from the customer are obtained before we proceed. It means catching a low resolution image in a file, missing links, font substitutions, transparency issues and more. In short, it means making sure that the job is done right the first time and done right on time.

Production organization means having the appropriate equipment for the job, properly trained and motivated employees to complete the job and being prepared for the unexpected.

Remaining focused on the needs of the customer entails more than just handling production issues. What we're printing may be just one of hundreds in production at any time, but for our client there is only one job that matters—theirs. And, we don't forget that.

Copy General's printing experience coupled with more than thirty years experience with computers led the company to incorporate Print-on-Demand, high-speed digital printing into our copying operations decades ago. Copy General was one of the first firms in the country to test the Xerox DocuTechs and later we participated in beta testing of the DocuColor iGen3. More recently, we installed the first Xerox iGen 150 Press in the United States!

We feature a wide variety of related services, all under one roof for quick turnaround while maintaining the highest quality. We also offer an innovative and full-featured, e-commerce solution—Brightdoc®—for you and/or your customers to order publications via the web.

Finally, we have compatible systems in our domestic and international locations. This allows the preparation and proofing of your job locally and transmission of ready-to-print files around the world for printing and distribution.